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Common Terms used in FootBall Betting

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Common Terms used in FootBall Betting

What/Who is a Bookie?

Bookie is often used to refer to a bookmaker.

The job of a bookmaker or bookie is to accept and pay off bets from gamblers, the wagers are usually on sporting events, but, bookies also accept bets on horse racing and casino games.

They also have the responsibility of setting the odds which is capable of yielding profit if set correctly but can also lead to great loss to the bookmakers if not properly set.

The Complete Guide to Football Betting

It is very necessary to get conversant with betting in order to learn how to predict football matches correctly

It is our duty to help you in understanding the football betting terms / abbreviations that are commonly used in the free tips section of this sure prediction site or any other soccer prediction site

The Three Way Option (1X2)

This is usually the easiest betting option / market and also the most popular in use. It can be found on all betting sites. It has just three options: 1 X and 2


This simply means HOME WIN. It can also be represented with H.

So for a match like Chelsea vs Man Utd in the English Premier League, if you select and bet on 1, it means you are betting on a Chelsea Win, thus for outcomes like Chelsea 2:1 ManUtd, Chelsea 1:0 ManUtd, or Chelsea 5:2 ManUtd, it is successful and the bet is won. For outcomes like Chelsea 1:1 ManUtd, Chelsea 1:2 ManUtd or anything that is not a Home WIN (Chelsea win in this case) is a failed or lost bet.


This is Draw. If you select this option, it means that both teams must score the same number of goals or score no goal at all for the bet to be successful. Using the sample match above, anything that does not look like 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5 etc is a lost bet.


This simply is AWAY win and can also be represented by A. For the Chelsea vs Manchester match, Manchester is required to score more goals than Chelsea for the bet to be successful; thus, when we bet on 2, we expect outcomes like 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 1-4, 2-3 etc


Over/Under Goals

Over simply means more than specified while Under means less than or equal to specified.

That said, let us start with Over 0.5; Over 0.5 Goal means there must be a total of 1 or more goals scored in the match for the bet to be successful. Also, over 1.5 as frequently used in our German Pronosticos Bundesligameans 2 goals and above. Over 3.5 means 4 Goals and above, etc.

For Unders, Under 1.5 Goals means 1 goal or less, anything above 1 Goal in the match is a lost bet. Again, Un 2.5 Goals means the total goals in the match should be exactly 2 Goals or less. See Table below:

Total Goals Over 2.5 Under 2.5
0 Lost Won
1 Lost Won
2 Lost Won
3 Won Lost
4 Won Lost
5 Won Lost

Both Teams to Score (Yes or No)

This is often represented by BTTS or GG (Goal Goal). This is pretty much straight forward because obviously, when selecting this option, you already should know you should expect.


Both Teams to score. Examples of successful outcomes include: 1-1, 1-2. 6-1, 4-2 etc. Both teams have to score for your bet to be successful.


One or Both teams MUST NOT score. Examples of successful outcomes include: 0-0,0-1,4-0,0-2,3-0 etc. At least one of the teams must score NO GOAL in the match.

Double Chance

This betting option is quite easy to learn and master. The double chance is a great options because it provides extra security. The double chance option is of three major types: 1X, 12 and X2.


Selecting this option means you are betting on the Home Team to Win or at least DRAW the match. If somehow, the away team wins the match, the bet has been lost.

Betting on this option means there must be a win. Either the Home Team or the Away Team must win the match. The match must not end in a draw.

When you come across this otion in prediction sites on on betting sites, it means betting on the Away Team to Win or at least DRAW the match. If the Home team wins the match, the bet has been lost.


Sometimes we see prediction tips like Home Score, Home Win either half etc in top prediction sites

Home Score / Home Ov 0.5

This simply requires the Home Team to score at least one goal.

Away Ov 1.5

This betting option simply means the Away Team has to score 2 goals and above in the match.

Betting on Home No Score / Home Un 0.5 means that you do not expect the Home Team to score at all.

Away Un 1.5

This option means the Home Team is expected not to score more than 1 goal in the match.

N.B: Check the Overs/Unders section if you do not understand the terms Ov 1.5, Un 0.5 etc very well.

No Bet

Sometimes, we see Football betting tips like HNB, DNB or ANB in top prediction sites and we keep wondering, what do these things even mean? Well:

  1. HNB means Home No Bet
  2. DNB means Draw No Bet
  3. ANB means Away No Bet

The HNB, DNB and ANB have major options which are 1, X and 2

HNB (Home No Bet)

When considering this market and its options, you have to bear one thing in mind; if the Home Team wins, the bet is canceled and the stake is refunded (for singles). For accumulators, other games on the slip need to be accurate so that the accumulator slip will not be lost. The major betting options for HNB are: X HNB and 2 HNB.


When you bet on X HNB;


When you bet on 2 HNB;

DNB (Draw No Bet)

Just as the name implies, Draw as the final result of the match simply means your stake is refunded. The options available in DNB are: 1 DNB and 2 DNB


When you choose 1 DNB;


When you wager on 2 DNB;

ANB (Away No Bet)

When selecting the options from this market, you have to remember that if the Away Team wins, the bet is canceled and the stake is refunded. The available betting options for HNB are: X HNB and 2 HNB


When you select 1 ANB;


When you bet on 2 DNB;


This is the type of bet market that is very common and is mostly used by the masters of Contrarian Betting. It involves adding a number of points / Goals to the Underdogs by way of giving them a Head Start before the game starts as well as subtracting the same number of points or goals from the favorites before the match starts. The Handicap Market is of two types: The European Handicap and the Asian Handicap.

European Handicap

The European Handicap is the most common in use and can be represented in various forms.

England -1 X -1 Spain 1 is the same thing as (0:1) 1H (0:1) XH (0:1) 2H

England 1 X -1 Spain -1 is the same thing as (1:0) 1H (1:0) XH (1:0) 2H

England -2 X -2 Spain 2 is the same thing as (0:2) 1H (0:2) XH (0:2) 2H

England 2 X -2 Spain -2 is the same thing as (2:0) 1H (2:0) XH (2:0) 2H

Now, selecting England -1 from the first example is the same as selecting (0:1) 1H and it means England has to win the match by 2 goals or more for the bet to be won.

What do you mean?

In the above selection (England -1 or (0:1) 1H), we are giving Spain ONE GOAL ahead before the match is started, thus; we are assuming that England is loosing the match by 1 goal before the match is started and then we are betting on England to come from behind, from that one goal deficit to win the match.

Examples of the outcomes we expect are: 2:0, 3:1, 4:2 etc. England must win by 2 goals or more for the bet to be won. Anything less than 2 goals is a lost bet.

Selecting X-1 (or (0:1) XH) means England has to win the match by exactly 1 goal. If England wins by more than one goal, the bet is lost. Also, if the match ends in a draw, the bet is lost too.

Picking Spain 1 (or (0:1) 2H) requires Spain to Win or at least get a Draw from the match. If Spain looses, the bet is lost.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is very common in soccer picks sites like A typical example is:

Say Italy vs France and the Asian Handicap odds are listed as follows: Italy (-1.5 at 2 odds) and France (+1.5 at 1.86 odds)

After the match, the 1.5 goals are added to France score to determine winning and losing bets.

For instance, a scoreline of Italy 3 : 1 France in this betting option actually means Italy 3 : 2.5 France and in this case, the bet is won.

1.5 Handicap bet requires Italy to win by 2 or more goals but if eventually, France wins the match or looses by less than two goals, the France (+1.5) wins.

Other Types of Handicaps

Split Handicap, Over/Under Handicap.
Over/Under Handicap

This is another very nice handicap option.

Take a look at a very practical approach to Over/Under Handicap. If you bet on Over 2.25 or Under 2.25, here are the results and the winning / loosing possibilities.

Total Goals Over 2.25 Under 2.25
0 Lost Won
1 Lost Won
2 Half Lose Half Win
3 Won Lost
4 Won Lost

Here is same for Over 2.75 or Under 2.75; please notice the differnce in values.

Total Goals Over 2.75 Under 2.75
1 Lost Won
2 Lost Won
3 Half Win Half Lose
4 Won Lost
5 Won Lost

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